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120 tonnes per day

Maximum production capacity

ISO 9001

In 2009, the quality management system certificate was obtained


The largest galvanizing bath installed in the Baltics

More than 12 years of experience

The plant in Jelgava was opened in 2008.

History of Zn Metals

Zn Metāla Vēsture


Zn Metals was established in 2004. This is a company with 100% domestic ownership.

In May 2008, in cooperation with ERDF, a new and modern hot-dip galvanizing plant was opened in the area of the former Latvian automotive company RAF. The technology of the Italian company was chosen as the basis.


In 2011, the technology was underwent modernization under its design supervision, making Zn Metals SIA one of the most state-of-the-art companies in the industry in the Baltics.

In 2018, the hot-dip galvanizing pre-treatment and preparation workshop and the mechanical workshop building were commissioned, making it possible to ensure the preparation of even higher quality metal structures for galvanizing from that moment onwards.


In 2020, Zn Metals received the Jelgava City Business Award of the Year.

Today, Zn Metals is one of the leading hot-dip galvanizing companies in the Baltics. Our services are also highly valued in the Scandinavian market and elsewhere in Europe.

Zn Metals continues to evolve and introduce more and more new solutions to ensure even more comprehensive and convenient cooperation with customers. It is planned to start the provision of shot blasting services in the near future, which will make the process of preparing structures for galvanizing easier for customers, as well as painting services, providing double protection of metal structures against corrosion.

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