The galvanizing method was patented back in the 19th century. Over time, zinc has proven its performance as the best coating material that protects steel products from corrosion. Several zinc application technologies have been developed to this date.
Hot-dip galvanizing is carried out by submerging the workpiece in molten zinc at a temperature of about 450° C. A reaction between iron and zinc takes place to form a zinc-iron alloy. The thickness of the coating layer depends on the time of immersion of the object in liquid zinc, the temperature of the zinc and the Si content in the steel. By varying the immersion time, it is possible to adjust the thickness of the zinc layer within a certain range and provide a coating that meets the customer's requirements.
The advantages of hot-dip galvanizing include long-term protection, affordable prices and the possibility to galvanize internal surfaces as well. Zn Metals has the largest galvanizing bath installed in Latvia. Bath dimensions: 10,500 x 2,900 x 1,400 mm (length, depth, width). We can galvanize metal structures up to 13 m long!


Zn Metals is the only hot-dip galvanizing company in Latvia that offers its customers passivation, which is a process providing additional metal protection.
Passivation forms a post-treatment layer that protects metal from zinc oxidation known as 'white rust'. The process uses water with added inorganic materials. Passivated structures retain their shine and fresh galvanized look for longer. Passivation is widely used to treat metal before painting.


Post-galvanizing painting, or the so-called Duplex system, provides additional protection for structures in aggressive environments and is used also as an aesthetic solution with the aim of ensuring conformity of the visual appearance of structures with specific environmental requirements.
We paint metal structures with the spraying method, using epoxy or polyurethane paints in the shade chosen by the customer.
We can provide painting of structures up to 16 m long. We offer painting of both galvanized and untreated surfaces, depending on the customer’s needs. With the right paint composition and careful preparation of the structure surface, we achieve quality results and colour durability.

Shot blasting

We offer shot blasting to prepare metal structure surfaces for further treatment as part of the full treatment cycle for metal structures. The condition of structure surfaces plays a key role when treating them with various coatings.
Proper cleaning and preparation improves adhesion between the metal surface and the coating material, which further enhances the protective abilities of the metal and extends the service life of the structure.
We use steel shots with a diameter of 0.46-1.18 mm in our shot blasting process, which results in metal structures with a surface that is properly prepared for further treatment. Our shot blasting service can handle structures up to 16 m long. Additionally, we offer shot blasting of galvanized structures.

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